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Name in Japanese

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So my friend told me my SL-name ( Abigail) In Japanese is アビゲイル. That's Google translate, he laughed and said yes it is correct.... If not, plese tell me

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translate via google :)

That is correct notation in Japanese.

It is written as "アビゲイル" or "アビガイル".
It is a character type called "片仮名(katakana)" by Japanese character type.
In the case of another character type "平仮名(Hiragana)"
I will write it as "あびげいる" or "あびがいる"

In most cases it is customary to write foreigners' names in 片仮名(katakana).

Besides this, Japanese has a character type of 漢字(Kanji).
漢字(Kanji) has characters similar to Chinese,
but 平仮名(Hiragana) and 片仮名(Katakana) are only in Japanese.

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