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Hi, Nerdy Girl Here!


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Hi Hi! 


I'm Aaly, I'm new to SL! (I have bought some stuff but still reading over the guidelines on how it all really functions) 


I'm very friendly, love to meet new people and I'm an absolute Nerdy Girl (and Yaoi Fan Girl! Eek!)


Roleplay wise I'm a Greek-American / Asian-American (willing to change if I need to for a family) In real life I'm Greek (on my daddy's side) and Irish-Scottish-British (on my mother's side). 

What I am looking for:


  • Bestie - someone who likes anime, adult swim, drawing, mangas, comics, and superheroes (oh, and cooking!) 
  • Friends - Roleplayers who like to live life out a fictional life, and meld it into their own real life
  • I'd like to eventually get a job, maybe at a bookstore, or comic store....maybe even a teacher's assistant or a teacher:-3
  • I'd like to join a roleplay community, maybe pay for a small one bedroom apartment or even rent a room if you know anyone who is looking for a room/flatmate please let me know. 

Family Wise: 


  • I'd like a Mother and Father please (or at least a two parent household)
  • I'm very open to siblings :-) not too many, though, please. (maybe 3 max)
  • Extending Family Members are always great if there are some. 

An Animal Pet 

  • Someone who plays a realistic puppy would be great :-) 
  • A pet I can train, play with and have a realistic pet experience 
  • Prefer Dog Breeds
  • None Sexual. 




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So you are always welcome in my little circle, I am not looking to enlarge the family, I have three kids and I am engaged to a guy with one, but you could be a sister, or a cousin. We have a fairly loose kind of roleplay. With some close friends added into this mix. I am an SL artist, with 4 inworld galleries, not sure i need an help but maybe eventually i will be looking for a sales girl. I will send you an IM when I get on.


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I'm always happy to make new friends. :D When not lurking on a couple RP sims, I go country dancing with a great group of poeple at Pure Country Saloon. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bobs%20secret%20Island/190/124/402

Also, if you want a hangout location I have a small "bookstore" that I keep for RP/homebase purposes that I welcome any and all to come visit. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hydrangea/66/63/776

Hit me up in world and we'll meet!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1937 days.

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