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Evve Rexen

**[] New Hopes Archlead’s Assistant/Helper(Coordinator/Cleric/Minister)**

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Reliable,Responsible & Exceptional staffing Opportunities offered @ B.I.C.go to the application for available roles ! Visit Online JOB APP <—Link.Apply online via https://blazingirisconsulting.com/index/hr/ application link!  Contact Evve Rexen  and Chifawn for  Application completion comfirmation  and  interview  details.

**[] New Hopes Archlead’s Assistant/Helper(Coordinator/Cleric/Minister)

Whats 's Spiritual direction? is the practice of being with people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with the divine, or to learn and grow in their own personal spirituality. We  seek  an assistant to the  Overseer/Archlead of New Hope prayer group. We  need a vibrate non- bias spirtual assistant to  bring in   folks to  our prayer group, events  ,lead or help minister, weddings, lead and schedule prayer grps and run  our meeting,SOme basic PR for the grp and  sim. needed.We seek to add more dedicated, responsible and talented people to their management team! We are currently in need of=( More day hours needed but we have night shifts which are available.)Ask inworld or add your availability in the app thanks!  We also  welcome spiritual volunteers to help in various ways.

New Hope Unversal Praye Group:Its a Diverse sim and an a prayer line for rl and sl reflection(ask more info  regarding this to Chifawn our Archlead ) Is like a place no other. it allows  3 main popular faith paths that coexist as one area of hallowed ground. Roman Catholicism,Christianity,Zen, Wicca,Nature,New age,Judaism,Islam coexist here in peace .They have private areas on sim to worship singularity and we can do universal prayer or meditation for special events or intentions. I repeat we do not mix faiths as a mumbo jumbo (  DARK OCCULT   is not welcome here.ITS    CLEARLY  ASKED TO LEAVE) thats a personal preference. We do not encourage that.   If your  are offended and are not  open minded  on  this concept its just not a fit have a good  sl journey.  

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