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Cocoa Bay Estates

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Come home to Cocoa Bay! Based off of New York and composed of 11 sims, we offer that community feel you are searching for where all are welcome. Join in on the fun with all of us!

Many amenities are available free of charge to all residents. Police, fire, clinic, schools, children's home, post office, arcade, bakery, and more!

All rentals are 1.5L/prim, commercial and residential!


Amenities you will find around Cocoa Bay include:

  • Orchards, winery, and the Whine & Dine resturant
  • Children’s playground & parks
  • Childrens Center
  • Gas station
  • Two Police Departments (RCPD & NYPD)
  • Fire & EMS
  • Judicial System
  • Department of transportation
  • Bratsville Pub
  • Diner
  • Queens Grand Ball Room and Theater
  • Karaoke Nights Pub
  • Large pier and marina
  • St. Leo’s Medical Clinic
  • Bicycles to tour our community
  • Child Protective Services
  • City Hall
  • Bank
  • Cocoa Cash RP money system
  • Full Service Salon
  • Post office
  • Bakery
  • Towing
  • Taxi cab, city bus, limo services, private driver, and more
  • Organized crime RP
  • Pre school
  • Radio station
  • Suspension bridge, draw bridges, and lift bridges
  • Community events, parties, DJ’s, and tons more
  • Wildlife, feeding deer, ducks, raccoons, nature sounds, and more
  • Residential Mailbox (with mail delivery)
  • Shopping Centers, gachas, apparel, car stores, and more
  • 7seas Fishing
  • Life 2
  • Waterways for boating and swimming
  • Seasonal changes for community
  • Welcome Center
  • Security systems
  • Working phones (house & payphones)
  • and so much more


Check out available rentals @



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