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Freshley Solo

Project Mesh Viewer Not Responding & Crashes Constantly

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We need to know which version of the viewer and which operating system you are using.

If you got the 'prominent' viewer from http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh you got version 2.6.0 and it probably will give the error you are getting. Get the development snapshot viewer. It is here: Mesh Development viewer build The current version is 2.6.3.

The Alternate Viewers Mesh Setup page is also misleading. They do not tell you that you MUST use a development version. There are warnings telling you to avoid that version, but it is the only version that works. At least there is a link to the latest version.

Also once the viewer hangs, reboot your computer before trying again.

Also, they are putting new servers into the mesh section of ADITI. So, you may be catching the system while it is down.

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That's helpful information.  Thanks.

Maybe soon a Linden will post one of those sticky things that stay at the top telling ppl that they have to use that development viewer (Just in case they didn't stay current reading the meeting notes from the last 6 months.)

I noticed that the Sketchup items in the wiki are mostly an empty outline. I guess that isn't working.

....LOL... I got lost looking for the right version 1st time, used your link 2nd time and mesh is back.

now if I can figure out the revised UI and get my preferences set (since CTRL-P doesn't work)... stupid BASIC mode

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