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Evve Rexen

JOB FAIR FRIDAY 6PM SLT FRIDAY Thru Tuesday of next week @ Blazingirisconsulting.com by Appt

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JOB FAIR FRIDAY 6PM SLT FRIDAY @ Blazingirisconsulting.com by Appt By the completion of our application If will secure your slot.

Reliable,Responsible & Exceptional staffing Opportunities offered @ B.I.C.go to the application for available roles ! Visit Online JOB APP <—Link.Apply online via https://blazingirisconsulting.com/index/hr/ application link

BlazingIrisConsulting.com is looking good people.We are in business going on 10 years this yesr and needv fresh talent forbthe team! 21 years in business in Reality anbd counting ! Yahhoo! Smiley Happy
We seek to add more dedicated, responsible and talented people to their management team! We are currently in need of=
( More day hours needed but we have night shifts which are available.)Ask inworld or add your availability in the app thanks! ..


Sat: 5pm-8pmSLT

Sunday : 4pm-6pmSLT

Monday- 5:00pm-7pmSLT

Tuesday:  5:00pm-7pmSLT

IF  its any other time  make  not of this in a notecard. Regardless  Notecard Lauren  and drop it to her Pink mailbox @ the landing point  Gazebo before tping to the gallery or other locations on sim

Full time work is available  (Day and Night Shifts are needed Monday- Friday- Weekends are optional)

We are looking to hire very soon :

**[] Asst. Executive Manager needed Assistant to the board of directors( this role can include Executive Assistant Sales Photographer work /Events Coordinator/ Promotions,/SOCIAL Media PR Assistant)
**[] New Hopes Archlead’s Assistant (Coordinator/Cleric/Minister)
**[] BIC Gallery General Manager(Lead Sales Broker )
**[] HR ASSISTANT( Advertising-Human Resources Assistant)

 VOICE IS  required for these jobs for communication with the owners, staff and in conferencing.

COMMUNICATION IS REQUIRED  ON ALL FRONTs to keep track of your own taskes and to  keep track of where your progrss is with us. Email/Notcare/IM and if  needed for conference skype .

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