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Gentleman's Paradise - the place for dominant Gentlemen

Cordelia Serenity
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♦ Gentleman's Paradise is proud to be SL's only BDSM Lifestyle based Escort House for dominant Gentlemen to meet live and truly submissive girls - no fakes, no kinksters, no gamers - we mean it!


  • • Doms enjoy the company of our very experienced Subs, have a nice chat while you please your eyes with beautiful bodies moved for you in an upscale atmosphere.
  • • If you wish for more our hot girls offer a wide range of Services, from light entertainment on Stage like Striptease or Mini Lap Dance over Private Lap- or Table Dance or up to full BDSM Scenes / Sessions.
  • •For your pleasure and more privacy we have 10 exalted styled Rooms, most filled with the best RLV items.

► We want to give dominant Gentlemen the opportunity to profit from and enjoy First-Class BDSM based Services, uncomplicated, without waiting, without the need of commitment, but with enough knowledge to make it real and enough heart to make it a great experience.

► Our girls are carefully handpicked, submissive by heart, into the SM Lifestyle and very experienced. We have the hottest Subs in SL!

(We are also hiring submissive females as SM Escorts or Dancers. Check basic job requirements on our website: http://gentlemansparadise0.webnode.com/jobs/ )

Come and meet us today!


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