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Sylvia Wasp

Translation help? (Arabic)

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Hey I'm making a multi-lingual sign and while I can use Google translate as well as anyone, I suspect that the Arabic translation is probably garbage.  If anyone out there can read this and correct it for me I'd appreciate it.  

The Arabic:

(I know it should be right-aligned)

جميع الملابس في هذا البائع هو
استعدادا للتونيك الهيئات *. إذا
كنت لا تملك هيئة تونيك
وهذه الملابس لا يصلح لك.

supposed to say:

All clothing in this vendor is
rigged for Tonic bodies*. If
you do not own a Tonic body
this clothing will not fit you.

Thanks in advance for any help.  Keep any Daesh-related or anti-Arab comments to yourself please. 


Sylvia :-)

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    i would be happy to help you translate anything you need to Arabic , 


are you willing to pay or it is free task ?


anyways you welcome to IM me inworld


Spider Mycron

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