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Referral bonus?

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Wow does that still exist? :o

It used to be a good way to make money years ago, but then the amount got less and because they had to become premium before you got and there was no reason to become premium after the first land scheme was abolished I thought it faded into oblivion.

More people do seem to be getting premium now with the Linden home scheme and lack of support, so maybe its being brought back.

It would be a nice way for some people to make some money since camping etc have all been stopped now. Last time I heard about it I think both parties got 250L when the noob became premium.

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This still apears in the Wiki:


Referral Bonus

Snapshots include a URL to invite others to join them. If a new account is created from following the link, and certain conditions are met, then the sender could receive a bonus. This URL is wrapped around the logo in the message.


It's a bit vague as the conditions are not specified and the sender _could_ receive a bonus. Note also that the recipient must join via the embedded link.

However, other sources state Linden Lab stopped payments under the refer-a-friend scheme in July 2008 even though the link remained for a while. There is a Jira on it here https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-841?

The Second Life Affiliate Program replaced it http://secondlife.com/corporate/affiliate/ 

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