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Account on hold?

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So yea, my other acount is on hold, reason why I made this one to ask some question, because the site isn't cooperating either.

When the first time I got the message, I wasn't able to log in and such and it was asking me to change my password (which I did eventually) but now that I've done that I still can't log in. Now I was trying to find some help on the website, but when I logged in I got this message.

Your account has been placed on hold.
Please contact customer support.

Call us at (866) 476-9763 or you can submit a Support Case


now I tried to go to submit a Support Case, but that page isn't working at all and I've got no clue what to do else with it.

Its about my account Girrominox, anyone else had this issue before?

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This sounds eerily similar to something that happened to my roommate recently. My suggestion is call first, if that's at all possible, because they might be able to give you more information as to what needs to be included in your ticket.

I say this because my roommate was told my the person she talked to that she would be required to send a copy of her picture I.D. And judging by the ridiculously long time she had to wait for her ticket to be answered, this saved her the headache of having to send it again and wait even longer.

In any case, good luck... Dres

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Same thing has just rescenty happened to my brother, he had his put on on hold all because my other brother cancelled his account by accident, he has explained to support but they just dont seem to listen or understand, thing is but states in one part of the report back he got that the 30 day thing and 60 day thing if he wants re activation of his free basic account, when he clicks on this link takes him where the so called account section is log in when he does that logs in all he getting is Account is on hold, i dnt why he being put on hold he has given them all the required info needed for that account, not many people can make phone calls to america you know living outside it so calling support is virtually out of question, and to some up all of this my brother has never done nothing either to be banned so i think he should get his account back really :):D

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