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Considering Hosting A Sex Discussion For My Next Campfire Social Event And Wondering Things

Mitchell Indigo
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That's a very broad topic.  Are you intending to cover SL sex, 1st Life sex, voice/cam either alone or with SL, couples only, straight only, long term poly 3 ways, fetishes, pregnancy, casual hook ups, non-human participants, taboos, dolls, toys, slavery, "forced" bi, transgendered, ... and so on.

Maybe it would help if I knew something about the target audience. 

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Mitchell Indigo wrote:

Is there anything important that I would have to know mainly for safety reasons?  What things should I do?

Make sure all likely to attend know in advance what topic you're proposing so they have time to think about how much they might be comfortable sharing with the group. These are deeply personal and often private things you want to talk about.

Would you consider a different subject for next week and use part of the time to bring up sex as a subject for future discussion, and if it's acceptable to all, decide guidelines together for that conversation?

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