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Is the "Animarion Info" Any Use.

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I was trying to figure out which animation in the Firestorm AO was overriding a Priority 4 animation I had made for a suitcase. The wildly swinging arms were turning it into a deadly weapon.

I checked the "Avatar Info"

A few animations, the built-in ones, were labelled with a name. The rest were using a string in UUID format set to all-zero, most recent to be run at the top of the list.

I can't run the SL viewer on my Linux machine, it just won't start. Every other viewer with a Linux version runs fine. I am told that the SL Viewer does the same thing by design.

I found another TPV that does return valid UUIDs for the label-string. It is better than nothing. Why they don't use the filename for an animation in your inventory, I just don't know. The problem, I discovered, was a non-Linden walk, full permissions, set to Priority 4. Of course, I couldn't directly test the Firestorm AO, but I could find links in my inventory.

I was told that this no-UUID feature had been done to stop copybotters. I am pretty sure that every viewer gets the UUID of an animation, rather than frame-by-frame updates of Avatar position, and once the viewer has the info, it is trivial for a copybot function to access it. So this excuse looks senseless.

And if the Animation Info doesn't tell you which animation is which, what's the point of even having it available?

Am I missing something, some sneaky trick, or do none of the programmers actually create or test Second Life content. I know a lot of people outside Linden Lab were involved in the Bento design and testing. How long before some random Linden breaks it?


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