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Fashion Blogs/ Why so many event items?


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Sadly a lot of my fav fashion blogs have disappeared over time, some still are around but not updated. I would love some links to fashion blogs that are still active. 

Must admit, I am not a fan of the blogs that use a lot of event items, they are impossible to get when you don't watch all blogs all the time. Not that they aren't lovely and make me drool at times, there is just nothing worse then falling in love with an outfit that you can't ever get your hands on! Post them anyway, coz....

I promise to compromise and watch the events more closely but I'd still like more of that event style available for sale without having to always check the events.

If you know or have a blog pls link me to it, I am sure lots of us can use some fresh inspiration!

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Well, it is not impossible to get most of the event things.

Gatchas are the most easy. The Marketplace is full of resellers. I haven't been cheated with an empty box, and I have bought a lot. Many shops also take the gatcha machines back to their store, so you can play there. Best of all, if the gatcha round is over, the prices on the Marketplace is so low that I pay only the price for one play. And still, paying more to get just what I want is better than 10 plays, I am not lucky and could have played a gatcha machine 20 times and not get what I want.

The events like Fameshed and Collabor88 is not exclusive items, after the event is over, the items are up for sale in the stores. They can cost more of course, if the price was lower for the event.

Yes there are a few, very few, event items sold in a limited number.

I don't think any fashion blogs are without event items. I like http://alltherage4u.blogspot.no/ but that's a lot of events. http://strawberrysingh.com/ is not free of event items either. Or http://www.haha-die.com/

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The simple answer is that many designers release though events now. Those items in most cases appear AFTER the event at their stores. There are not that many events that have designers release ONLY to their event, items are exclusive  only DURING the event.  I blog unofficially for several events -- the ones in which  I am also a designer. Many of the brands that I have had a long term relationship release only for events. So even before I started blogging the events, I was blogging things from "my designers" that were released at the events. So that is part of what you are seeing. 


There are still designers that also release on the Marketplace and some in their stores. Fashion blogger that feature events are often required to feature a number of the items from that event. So if they blog one or two times a weeks you will see event things over general release items unless they blog for a designer who only releases in their store (I can think of a few big names but not many). There's only so many things you can fit into a post --- although some stuff their visuals to the brim. 


Blogging has changed a lot over the years. I believe I have the most posts on a blog in SL (now over 4500) and have been writing and taking snapshots for many years (since 2008).  A few of the old time bloggers are still around, but not that many and very few blog daily.  Many bloggers are now FLICKR Bloggers and only list the credits on their blogs (no chattiness). So you might wander around Flickr and see if you can find some blogs you like that way.


Good luck.  

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Hi, nice to meet you!!

I own the woman clothing shop in SL. I have joined a lot of events in the past. I think I may answer to your question.


In the past, most of the bloggers didn't have so many sponsors. The shop owner became sponsor and send each new items to the own bloggers for free instead of posting.

If you want to know who own sponsors, you can go to the favorite blog and also check the sponsor banners on the top page.

This is not new system. Some times shop owner announce " looking for blogger" especially on the flickr.

The bloggers who wants to get items for free may apply for the blogger applications, if it will be approved, they can get each new  item for free but they have to blog them.

It depends on your photography skills for the pic on the blog( to become official bland blogger).


However, why recently most of the bloggers have so many event items? there are not so many sale info?

Most of event owners have (special community) and they use almost similar bloggers ( I mean not the same bloggers, but some top bloggers can become many event official blogger). That's why they have so many event items on their blogs. I mean it is not fit all event.  I don't say this is  just only this reason, but it is exist.

In the past, there were of course many bloggers. However, there were not so many EVENTS like recently Events.

The bloggers had only a several shop sponsor. They didn't have event sponsor so many, but now they might get many event sponsor and get every items from each event.


The blogs are from them are not attractive. It is because customers can't buy every items like bloggers(who becomes event blogger). 

The each post is really so fast to post, it is because they have so many sponsors and event sponsors too. They have the limit time to blog.


The URL on their blogs are not specific LM just only the event entrance LM. We can't find the item easily. It's not useful.

And also not all items have LM on each post. They just post LM only their sponsor's LM.

For example, if you want to buy the skirt that they are wearing on the post, but there is not LM and also not item name. Some items  are missing info on the page.

They just post only the sponsor item and also event LM only. We can't find the favorite item info easily compared with past . Now, it is really hard to find the specific info that you want to get.


I was born in SL in 2007, and I have still logged in SL so far. I also own my shop.

In the past, there were not "PRO bloggers" like them, most of the blogger post their favorite items and they tried to wear the best coordinate each post from their inventory ( sponsor item and also the item they bought and loved mixed).

Most of the attractive personal bloggers who loved fashions and tried to wear favorite items unique) have retired  already.

There are only the "commercial bloggers" (not every one). They have to wear the many items (even they don't like), so that's why their blogs are not attractive, no fun, and similar information.

Customers can't follow each events. It is really tired to see. My friends told me the same opinion.


I also loved to see the favorite blogger's blogs in the past. But now, there are nothing attractive for me. The blog that has so many new items are just the "commercial bloggers".

I hope it will be changed !! I don't hate them, but I don't like these systems.  Of course I know the blogger is really needed by event owner and designer who own the shop!!

I understood we need bloggers...but...


If event owner wants to promote their event and also hire bloggers, they have to choose different people who dedicate blogging and not  have so many sponsors.

It is just my opinion, but I feel like that.


I also own my mesh clothing shop in SL.

 however I have never owned bloggers.  I just need the people who really love my creations.  It is enough.

We want to see the real bloggers who really love fashion and unique coordinate<3<3<3


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Just wanted to reply to nodoka's comment on this older thread.

While most of what she says is true in SOME cases, there are no rules. Some creators expect you to blog all of their releases (I don't do those). Some expect you to have sponsorship banners (I don't do those). Some --- you get the idea. EACH and every creator and blogger group is different. So bloggers have choices too. They don't HAVE to support creators where blogging every item is mandatory including ones they don't like or do not fit. That is a choice.

Agreed that many old time blogs are gone. A few of us are left and a few of us actually blog (me not so wordy as in the past except on occasion). JUST like creators make decisions on how many events to be in or how often to put out a new release or whether to have a store group ---- bloggers have choices too. 

So there are exceptions to the info that nodoka wrote about. Not wrong -- just not always. 

AND in all the events that I have ever been in -- the only items that don't end up in the main store AFTER the event (almost always available to the masses towards the end with some patience) would be the "pull the handle 20 times and get this exclusive gacha item that will never be sold again". 



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