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VanessaDelRio Underwood

CATWALK AGENCY & ACADEMY & CATWALK Magazine are looking to hire you!

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CATWALK is  looking for 1 Advertising Sales Representatives and 1 P.R Representative.

For both for these positions, You should  be self motivated and a natural when it comes to dealing with all types of people in a professional and personable way. 



1 Advertising Sales Rep. 



Sales reps will be paid 20% commission of every sale successfully  placed in the magazine.  A 5% commission bonus  Bonus for getting a recurring advert placed. 


Job description



  •  Secure advertising in our bimonthly magazine. Strive to understand the potential clients goals and help them pick the right advertising package for there budget and brand.
  • Turn a daily report of people reached out to on a daily basis. also people who have decided to advertise with us listing all the details and transaction information of said sales to me, Vanessadelrio Underwood.
  • Be the liaison between the designer and CATWALK for any editorial ads by gathering the details of what they are expecting and looking for. 
  • Must be fluent in english and not afraid to get on voice when needed. Knowing more than one language is a plus. 

PR Representative 


Starting Salary : $750 weekly Paid every 2 weeks.



Job Description


Write Press releases to be submitted to inworld and social media outlets.( websites for inworld media , groups Facebook etc)


  •  Gather information for potential advertising Media outlets and publishing details. 
  • Be instrumental in organizing and publicizing  all CATWALK events via inworld Groups and media outlets including social media. 
  • Have excellent communication skills both orally and in writing.
  • Deal with enquiries from the public, the press, and related organizations.
  • Ability to prioritize and plan effectively
  • Must be fluent in english and not afraid to get on voice when needed. Knowing more than one language is a plus. 

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