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Are there any classes in Second life for dominants and submissive's?


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There are, or were such classes, but the biggest problem with them is, that there was no guarantee that the people running them were any better as Dom/mes or subs than you, and a quite high likelyhood that they were weapons grade a$$hats.


One of the problems in SL with such things is that the people most likely to offer such classes are the very last people you should take lessons from. All to often you get a lecture from somebody who is part of a small minority in the community, but who assumes they are part of the majority and that any deviation from THEIR particularr view means you are 'not real D/s people'


Some of the better D/s community sites have sadly, closed their doors, or become ghost towns, the more popular places tend not to feature 'informative' events


Your best bet is to browse the various D/s sims which most closely match your personal preferences and sub-set of the community, find a place you like that has a decent floating pool of regulars, and hang out, watch what others do, chat to people in local, and learn by doing with friendly people who share your interests.


 Places where nobody talks, or where everyone has "I don't pay attention t to local, IM me if you want to..." generally don't HAVE a community, so avoid those.

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