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Pleasure Island LKH Roleplay

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Pleasure Island, Ct- Although locally referred to as an island, the site was actually a peninsula connected to the town of Stratford by beach and connected by a wooden bridge to the city of Bridgeport, then left abandoned after the bridge burned in 1996. When Nikul purchased the land from the State of Connecticut and the remaining land owners, it was mostly-abandoned vacation cottages in various states of disrepair, and the ruins of the older amusement park. The park was in operation from 1892 up until sometime in the early 1950s. Much of the attractions were gone, but the ferris wheel, an old roller coaster and a show tent. The bridge that had once connected this once beautiful escape had still not been repaired, and there seemed no interest in doing so. People still visited the island via boat or a two-mile walk down a narrow stretch of beach, but it was in a terrible shape of disrepair.

This would be his place, Pleasure Island reborn anew from the ashes of the past, a city run by a vampire.

He hired crews to dredge the two mile stretch of land connecting the peninsula so that it would now truly be an island; he then had the earth that had been dredged added to the boarders of the island to expand the land and help with any past erosion to the island. At first people thought it was the state making repairs, but after Nikul had begun the removal of the old buildings and ruins people began to put up a fuss. When many of the citizens discovered a vampire had begun construction of a city on there once beloved island protests begun. However, what’s done is done and it did not stop the construction. When the city was finished it was no longer the quiet little beach haven it had been but a city of pleasure, and desires open to all, supernatural and human alike. Will this island be one of dreams or of nightmares to those whom choose to stay…? It is a question for each to decide on their own. Welcome to Pleasure Island.

((We are a group of dedicated paragraph roleplayers playing in a free-form world based under the mythos of both Laurell K, Hamilton's (LKH) series. Familiar with names like Anita Blake or Merry Gentry? Us too!

Previous knowledge in either series is not required to create a character, but a dedication to create dark and interactive roleplay stories with other players is a must!))

TP to Pleasure Island

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1521 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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