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Invisiprim griefing, need help!

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I have a griefer who has been harrassing me by 1.) using a follower on me 2.) wears an invisiprim (put on a box im assuming) which in turns makes me invisible.


I know I can report this person or just leave the sim they grief me on but reporting does nothing because they just make alts.


My question is this....is there any way to combat this invisiprim so that my avatar becomes visible? Or is there anything I can wear (I don't care what it looks like) that will be SEEN through the invisiprim?



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Take him shopping in a crowded event and thank him for reducing your lag by making you invisible. :matte-motes-smile:

Seriously, if he's following you, take him somewhere awkward. Like a massively crowded shopping event on the first day. Have fun and enjoy the attention and make a game of it.

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