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i couldnt try demo and buy stuff


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Duplicate post of https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Account/I-cannot-try-demo-and-rez-stuff/qaq-p/3090505

Please do not post the same question more than once.  It pushes other people's questions further down the list and they don't get answered as fast which is not fair.

Instead if you need to add new informtion, you can edit your post to add additional information by logging in to the web site, going to the post you want to edit, then clicking "Options" at the top right of the post and choosing edit.

Since you didn't supply new information with this post, you need to go back and read the answers you got to your first post and tell us if you have tried everything that was suggested there.  If you have, edit that post and supply the information requested about your system.  Also tell us specifically what's happening as your question isn't very helpful to figure out what's going on.  Are you not seeing the buy or pay button highlight?  Is the list of things in the contents of what you are buying showing?  Are you crashing? etc. etc. etc....  We can't help you further without this informatoin.

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