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Buying lindens with skrill - Please help


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i would say try set up paypal or a real Credit Card of a major brand.

It can be because your country is possibly at a list of higher risk payments ... they will never publish that.

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Posted (edited)

Mia, the answer here is the same as the answer to your other thread:  Your remaining balance of $2.44 is too small to permit you to use it to buy $L.  Put more money in your PayPal or Skrill account, or use a credit card.

Besides, you shouldn't ever buy $L in very small amounts.  This is because the transaction fee eats up too big a percentage of your money.  Here is an example.

I have fifty dollars, and I want to use it for Second Life.  But I decide I don't want to buy that much $L all at once.  So, I make five $10.00 purchases, about one per week.  Here's how that works out:

  • Week 1: $10.00 buy.  I get charged a transaction fee of $1.49
  • .  The remaining $8.51 buys me $L 2,127, based on an exchange rate of $L 250 = $ 1.00 USD.
  • Week 2, same thing.  I get $L 2,127.
  • Week 3, the same.  $L 2,127.
  • Week 4, another $L 2,127.
  • Week 5, still another $L 2,127.

TOTAL COST: $50.00 USD.  TOTAL $L purchased: $L 10,635.

But, if I bought $50.00 worth of $L all at once, I get charged only one $1.49 transaction fee.  The remaining $48.51 gets me $L 12,127.  By buying more $L at one time, I got an additional $L 1,492!

Wait until you have more money to spend, and then buy your $L.


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