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Beacon Academy RP

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Beacon Academy RP is a RP sim set in the universe of RWBY, created by Rooster Teeth. Students take the role of a student or teacher that are attending Beacon Academy, the school for Hunters and Huntresses in the kingdom of Vale. They attend every day life in Beacon; Going to classes, train and hone their skills, they make friends and adversaries. Players are able to create a team after gathering three other students to join them. Once the have a team, they get a Dorm room assigned, which, if they desire, can be rented to allow them to customize it.

Basically.. I don't know the rules about advertisement here.. But.. I'm going to give it a shot. If you're a fan of anime and RWBY. You might want to check this out! I orginally started the sim in september, but due to RL i had to close it down for a while. We're back open now and welcome everyone!

We have weekly events and aim to re-create a slice-of-life school experience with an intriguing plot-line to follow it up with and interesting classes and activities. Combat is currently done with a D20 with stat modifiers.

More information can be found on our website: Beacon Academy RP

                                                                                   Some impression pictures!




























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