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Is this a good PC to run ultra graphics?

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I was having a little trouble deciding between notebook or pc, because i wanted portability.. but i decided to buy a PC, it is cheaper and better, not the better on the market:


i5-6400 2.7 ghz 6th generation

1Tb hard drive


Geforce GTX 1060, 3Gb DDR5 (vr ready)

sentey 650W

8GB DDR4, 2133 mhz memory ram



Will it run ultra graphics and big crowd places?


Tnahk you very much!



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I would think you would have no problems running SL at Ultra High graphics with that card in most situations.  That graphics card is one of the higher end graphics cards Nvidia makes and also a pretty new release. 

A PC vs a laptop is generally a better choice to run SL on.  Laptops that give similar performance tend to run hot and not last as long as a PC will.  A PC is also a lot easier to upgrade and save money both on the upgrade and over buying a new computer as new tech comes out, compared to a laptop.  I have upgraded my PC's in the past for this reason and only bought a new one when the computer died completely or so many things needed to be upgraded it just made more sense.

 I ran SL on a laptop for a while because my PC died and some very generous friends bought me a high end laptop because I was facing serios health issues at the time and needed something to take with me to the hospital.  Even so, I was really happy when I was able to buy a PC again. I'd only get a laptop if you have to have portability.  You can always save your money up and buy a less expensive laptop later.  I still have my laptop that I use when I travel or leave home, but SL looks and performs so much better on my PC!

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It looks pretty good to me, but any "big crowd place" is a challenge for even the very best machines, so you shouldn't have unrealistic expectations. (On the plus side, the ability to disable rendering of hyper-complex avatars makes this better, but some users defeat those settings and then even just one bad avatar in a crowd can kill performance.)

One thing you might ask yourself is whether you really still need a hard drive at all, or if you can get by with a (smaller) SSD. Both are pretty cheap these days. I unplugged the hard drive inside my desktop tower a couiple years ago and do fine with just SSD and the cloud. It would be different if I were editing lots of local video or something, so YMMV, but maybe something to think about.

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I have similar PC, bit older generation

overclocked i5 2500k, 16gb ddr3 1600, GTX 970, 250 gb SSD, 40gb SSD for chache only


One of most important parts, what most people forget about is.. size and resolution of your display.  I can run SL full ultra, with 16x AA and Ambient Oclusion on  on 1080p resolution, and even oh highest populated, crowded mesh places, zooming around my camera...GPU usage rare go above 40-50%


Nvidia have something new that is called DSR or dinamic scale resolution. Basicly if you have Full HD monitor, you can set custom resolution when enable DSR like 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x.2.5x.4x

Graphic card will render much more pixels and display them on your native resolution display. Is not good like buying 1440p or 4k monitor, but image is way shaper and more detailed than with native 1080p.   In that way you can ulitize your graphic card 100% in Second Life.  Or get some new flashy 1440p monitor.


BIggest bottleneck in Second life is internet conenction.  You want fast one, wired, not wifi.  And if possible, set up your router QoS (quality of service) so your connection have advantage over other ones if you have them at home (phone, tv, laptop etc..)


That PC is more than good to run SL with all eye candy, and it will hardly even sweat.  Good choice picking up that system

EDIT:  And get an SSD for your boot-main drive, use that HDD for storage.  Biggest upgarade for PC that you will really feel. 


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2107 days.

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