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Mesh body


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Stock answer:

First take a look  at the Mesh Body Addicts blog It won't answer every question, but it'll show you the kind of things available and where to get them.

From there you can start experimenting. Three words: demo, demo, demo. Play around. See how the different body parts look to you. Learn how things fit together. Are the clothes and skins you like available for that body? Does your AO make it look weird?

Don't rush into buying and don't believe anyone who says you *need* a mesh body.

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While it seems like "everything" is on the Marketplace, it is not. The big name mesh body makers aren't there -- as well as a few other high profile sellers. They don't want to share their revenue and that makes sense. 


The three most popular bodies for women now are Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. So going to their INWORLD stores and TRYING THE  DEMOS is your best bet. There are other mesh bodies but most of those don't have a lot of designers making clothes for them. So that becomes an issue unless you plan to spend all your time on a nude beach *wink*.  


Again. DEMO DEMO DEMO and pay particular attention to the hud and how it works. Go out and get some demo clothes and try them with the bodies. See  which one feels the most like "you" :D.



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Here's one version.  I wear Maitreya Lara body but you can easily substitute any other brand ...

1. Search for the group "Maitreya Lara Friends" and join.  I believe it is free.  This is not affiliated with the store, it is just people (lots of people) who use the Lara body and like to dicsuss anything from fashion to troubleshooting if it involves using Maitreya's body.

2. Search for "Maitreya" and find the in world store. Alternately you can ask for a LM in the above group but the store is easy to find in search.

3. Enter the store through the right hand door, go all the way to the back wall.  There is a large sign and vendor there along with several other add ons like applier kits but the thing you want is the DEMO of the Lara mesh body.

4. KEEP the box before you leave the store!  Yeah, this little "got-ya" has bitten everyone in the butt at some point.  This is just a friendly reminder.

5. Go home or your favorite sandbx/changing room to unpack the demo.

6. Get naked!  Remove everything you are wearing.  Once you are down to the 4 things that an never be removed (skin, shape, eyes, hair base) you can start wearing the things in the demo.  Wear the full body alpha, the body, the feet, left hand, right hand and the HUD.

7. You can try some of the included shapes to see how they look.  If you want to twweak the shape you usually wear, be sure to make a copy first.  Play with the sliders to get a feel with how it moves the mesh body.

8. Ask yourself if this is you.  Do you love it?  If you just feel like you are suposed to love it or that it will grow on you eventually then don't buy it. 

9. If you want the full version, create a new folder in your inventory.  Put all of your system clothes in there.  All the shoes for Slink go there as well.  Any tattos, system skirts, anything with a "glitch" layer .... move it all to the new folder.

9a. You do understand that by going mesh, none of the above will work for you any more, right?

9b. Just to clear, all that you paid for in the folder is as good as trash.

9c. OK then.  Remove all of the Maitreya objects you hve on except for the alpha layer.  You should be a floating head at this point.

10. Go back to step 2 but this time, buy the full version.


If at any point you have a question about anything, feel free to ask in the group.  That's what it is for.  It can get chatty and hard to follow at times but there are a lot of people there willing to help.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2115 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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