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Fire Dept seeks K9

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Avon Fire & Rescue is looking for a well rounded K9 role player to join our department , ideally we're looking for a K9 to work with our staff as a search and rescue dog and arson investigation .

We have two individuals you will be working with as your handlers , Fire Chief / Arson Investiagtor and our Tactical Rescue leader and Deputy Chief.

As a K9 roleplayer you will be required to provide your own gear ( vest , leash and other items your handler may need)


K9 role players are welcome in Avon , however they can not speak out loud ( you're a dog after all) however for the sanity of your handler you should be willing to communicate in IM and establish a friendship together .

Our department is growing , as is our town ( 16 sims presently) however our call volumes are low ... there will be days where you hang around the hall and do some PR work , understandably there are times where we have nothing to do but socialize and hang around .

Myself , I am the Fire Chief , I role play as a 25 year old ...Single and live alone , if I were to meet the right K9 who is in my same time zone (MST +1 SLT) , shared interests , and looking for a home ...I would consider adoption .


Send a notecard to dieselaffair Resident ( Billy Diesel) with a brief bio and what you're looking for when it comes to your role play , and I will get back to you as soon as possible



Chief Billy Diesel

Avon Fire & Rescue

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