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Looking for Family and Friends IC at MediFantasy SIM

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I'm playing at Chronicles of Lynnea and wanted to add a little spice to my story. A little strife and a little growth! What better way to do that than by outside forces? The best thing about RP with another person is you never know what they're going to do or say, which keeps things interesting! At least with a good writer it does.

My character is a Jiian (this SIMs Asian inspired race) half dwarf Therian (shapeshifters that shift into one specific animal) that is is estranged from her family. I've commented that she has no brothers but someone to play a sister, or her mother or father would be more than welcome!

I'm also looking for someone who could IC bring her out of her shell and teach her how to be more... womanly. She's currently a bit of a withdrawn tomboy who never really got the hang of being feminine. She doesn't know the first thing about dresses, hair or making her face a painted masterpiece! I would love to explore that side of her but if I'm staying true to the character, she never will without some outside help!

I would LOVE to give more details on her backstory for anyone interested in playing a family member and I would also be happy to help someone create or figure out what sort of character they'd like to play if just coming in as that close friend! 

No matter what role, you are all happy and free to create your own stories, I just like a little bit of support and interest in my own.

Message me inworld!

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