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I'm thinking of getting a new computer, will these specs be okay to take good (ultra) pictures

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I don't mind running in general in medium/high, but i'd like to be able to take nice graphical pictures


Processor Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.5 Ghz

Memory 4GB DDR2

Hard drive 80GB

Graphics Geforce GT710 1GB DDR3 PCI-E Graphics HDMI Port


(it gives the option to upgrade to gtx750 1gb DDR5 which i will get if necessary)

Optical Drive DVD Drive
Sound On Board Soundblaster Compatible
Wireless Available as an upgrade (See above)
Networking Network Ethernet - Broadband ready
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit
Condition Refurbished
Rear I/O Ports
Rear I/O Ports:
No PS/2 ports
One (1) 9-pin serial port
One (1) 15-pin VGA port
One (1) 25-pin parallel port
Six (6) USB 2.0 ports
One (1) RJ-45 Ethernet jack
One (1) 3.5 mm Line-in audio jack
One (1) 3.5 mm Line-out audio jack
Front I/O Ports:
Two (2) USB 2.0 ports
One (1) 3.5 mm Microphone jack
One (1) 3.5 mm Headphone jack

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Thank you for responding :) do you mind sharing your main specs or recommending me specs, I'm hopeless at computer shopping, I really have no idea what to look for & will probably end up wasting money. I find it confusing because you can buy a pc that's the same cost as a good gaming one yet it has nothing required for gaming xD


I never play any other games and if I do it's only the sims 4, coaster planet and

Games alike, & never really high demanding new games, so I really don't want to over spend on one either. My main focus is to get a system that allows SL to look more beautiful and run smooth enough (even if it's just on high)

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What's the available budget for now?

And what what kind of monitor do you use, what connection options does it have (HDMI / DVI or old VGA)? 


For current generation parts, look for:

CPU: i5-6500 or, if on a tight budget, an i3-6300. 

Mainboard: mostly make sure that it has all the connections you need, like enough USB slots and such. 

RAM: 8 GB DDR4 at least, preferably 16 GB. There are different speeds, like DDR4 2133GHz or 2400 GHz. Anything above is only interesting for overclocked systems.

Graphics: A GTX 1050 Ti with 4 GB VRAM or RX 470 4 GB (entry level). A GTX 1060 6 GB or RX 480 8 GB OR Sapphire RX 470 8 GB for middle class. GTX 1070 for high class.

A 240 GB or more SSD as the main drive for the OS and most common programs, plus 1 TB or more HDD for storing data.
Optionally, an optical drive.

Powered by a 400 to 500w quality brand power supply, rather 400 than 500. Corsair RMx would be highly recommended or Seasonic or EVGA... please never ever any blow-up ware like "800w for 20 bucks!!111" crap if you value your machine, your home and your safety.


If you can wait just a few more weeks till January, we'll see both AMD's Zen and Intel's Kaby Lake CPU generations getting released.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1653 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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