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Hang out with us at *The Backroom*

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"Leave your worries behind as you step through the door to the backroom."


Come and hang out with us at *The Backroom*. We are a new, adult themed venue, where we encourage you to meet, enjoy and have fun as much as possible!


It's filled with the highest quality furniture, specially chosen to twist your lemon in just the right way, so you can spend your most imtimate moments with a partner in perfect joy.


There are also couples and single dances, and chairs with the newest lapdances from the best animation shops in SL.


Feel free to jump on one of the dance poles, to excite your partner and audience.


Join our (free) group to be able to rez a pose or props, to be able to take the perfect picture, and with the group tag, you can activate one of our tipjars (100% of tips goes to the dancer always).


Check out our (not safe for work) Flickr group to see what people have been getting up to there, and join it yourself to post any pictures you have taken at *The Backroom* too:

*The Backroom* Flick Group


Hope to see you there soon!

Taxi to the *The Backroom* now!





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