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edit/content tab wont load no matter what!

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VIDEO EXAMPLE:  https://youtu.be/EroQ7cTTIvs

So i posted in another section of the sl forums about this issue, but i thought maybe it might get more traction here as well as i am desperate to resolve this issue.


Okay, the problem is, no matter what i do, the edit/content tab will not load the contents in anything i observe in the root prim.

Not even a "new script"
I have tried everything i can to resolve this, from upping my cache, to lowering my graphics, to re-starting from scratch on projects, clean installs of both the sl viewer and firestorm and nothing seems to resolve the issue.

I have tried going to different regions to see if that was the cause, pretty much anything you can think of, or well atleast me.


Sometimes content will load up and i can see it, but i cant really do anything from that point on, if i delete something from the object, it wont show it deleted until i turn off edit mode and then re-click it and go to the content tab, but when i do this i get stuck back into "loading content" once again.

if anyone has had this issue please let me know if you found a way to resolve it.

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not very nice for that other 9 posts in your earlier thread... posting this multiple times doesn't solve the problem,

did you try the solutions mentioned there already?

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