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why can I not log on from my computer?

BillOaks Oakleaf
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That's a good idea! Come to think of it; where is the link to the Grid Status? It used to be on the front page of the old forums, but in the new one, I can't see it anywhere. It could be me going blind, but I don't think so... :) Maybe they should allocate a little space in the community - in a sidebar or something - for info like this. But you are right; it does not seem to be their way of doing things. :o


- Luc ---||-

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Linden Lab occasionally restricts access to Second Life when its servers experience severe technical difficulties or require major maintenance. These outages affect all Residents, and are not limited to your computer or account. You can check the status of the Second Life Grid at http://status.secondlifegrid.net to find out whether access to Second Life has been temporarily disabled.



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