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More Prims! Less Money! In Masocado, Baby!

Lindal Kidd

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The Masocado Resort, with direct access to the popular Blake Sea sailing regions, has been a popular rental location for sailors and aviators for over four years.  We are passing the recent changes in Mainland land capacity (prim count) on to our tenants and friends!

Base prices at the Masocado Resort remain the same: $L2195 per calendar month for condos in our high rise tower, and $L2395 per month for detached homes and live-aboard yacht slips.  But prim limits have been increased, and now start at 450 prims!

In addition, the cost of renting additional prims has been decreased, to a low $L5.5 per prim per month.

The centerpiece of the Resort is a high rise building featuring ten luxury condominiums.  These condos feature two levels of open plan living, and are equipped with locking doors and window blinds.  Watch the sailboats from your front balcony!  Just $L2195 per month, with a 450 prim allowance.


There are also detached private homes on the beach.  These homes are on their own land parcel and are out of chat range of the neighbors. You can set your own music and media streams, too.  They are contemporary styled, spacious and welcoming beach cottages, with three large open plan living areas, a bedroom, a bathroom, front and rear decks, a second floor balcony, and a huge rooftop area accessed through a skylight door. Both feature spectacular views and a unique swimming pool right out your front door, with swim-enabled Linden Water. The rent is extremely reasonable for the Blake Sea area, starting at just $L2395 per calendar month for 450 prims.

beach house.jpg

For those embracing life on the water, we offer live-aboard yacht slips.  They will accommodate craft up to about 42 meters in length.  The prim allowance is currently set to 450, with rent at $L2395 per month, but additional prims may be rented at the rate of $L5.5 per prim per month.  See them at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Masocado/183/153/23 

The Masocado Resort boasts many amenities, including:

  • Dockage for your small craft
  • Boat and jet ski rezzers
  • Seven Seas fishing
  • Skydive launcher
  • Rooftop pool area and helipad
  • Game room
  • Singles and couples dancing with remotes throughout the sim

Come see the Masocado Resort today! When your friends ask where you live in Second Life, tell them you live in Paradise...in Masocado, baby!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2721 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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