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Outside Participants in ZEXPO 2011

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We could use your ideas....


This year's ZEXPO 2011 will be planned very differently and while, still Zindra-centric (the adult mainland being heavily promoted), an effort will be made to connect with contributors from outside Zindra too. Creators, businesses and personalities from all over adult SL, and SL in general. The idea is to cross-connect better with new faces and concepts, allowing Zindra to be a 'gateway' towards a better SL experience.

Here is what we need.....a list!

Who do you think are some good matches for the show from outside Zindra? Companies, personalities, creators, etc. Think of a tradeshow or large convention, where there is a mix of local (Zindra) talent and out-of-towners to make a complete experience. We don't know what arrangements we'll work out for the out-of-towners yet....we're just looking for names now.

While you are making your list, think of:

1. Big names in the 'adult' world of SL (companies, creators, perfomers, organisations, celebrities)

2. Big names in entertainment, education, mechandise that aren't just 'adult' 'but still might be fun/useful. (we are not trying to make this an all-sex climate, but are treating the term 'adult' as 'sophisticated' too)

3. Anyone up-and-coming (adult-content or otherwise) who might benefit from exposure and who might be on the forefront of a trend. (a 'hot' topic)


Any help would be appreciated!


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Thanks for the infor Ginette and sorry I've not had a chance to read your notecards but I will this week.

What about outside adult companies? I represent Naughty America, Digital Playground and many others in adult. All could benefit from this but it has been my experience that ROI is very hard to achieve so this becomes just a branding opportunity meaning the value isn't as very high as they cannot quantify incremental volume from their investment.

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Thanks Chelsea, great concerns.

I'd propose that the actual investment is minimal (space at a show like ZEXPO is free, though a certain amount of 'actve investment' is necessary. By that I mean: involvemnt) In ZEXPO's case, specifically, this show is being designed to really promote the exhibitors through a variety of interactive options. This is not a statci 'merchant mall' situation, but more of a crearive endeavor that will assist PR efforts on all sides. We hope that exhibitors in ZEXPO get a great amount of publicity value, including offworld Search benefits.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3807 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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