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Avastar 2.0.23 convert foreign kit

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Hi !


I did manage to convert manually the Belleza developer kit for Avastar 1.72  following and adapting  the 1.5.9 instructions ( http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/help/update_rig/ )  , but I get less than satisfactory results for the shoulders region, specifically for bra straps, due to the fact that the kit's rest pose is supposed to be in A-pose.

I work with the arms bent 45° down, transfer weights, then bake to mesh so a T-pose version is generated, as described here : https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Permanently-change-default-pose-in-Blender/td-p/1557227.

Adding a bit of float and fiddling a bit with weights allows me to upload straps that don't  clip into the body, but they are really not what I would call production level : the shape is quite weird and distorted in most poses.


So - and this is the main question in this post - I dream of being able to make use of the "Set Bind Pose" in Avastar 2.0.23 so I can really work from the A-pose.

But then, while everything looks smooth and really cool inside blender, as soon as I upload to SL, my mesh is quite distorted, as if the bones sizes or positions arent't correct in the armature in blender. I have a feeling being able to have the weight transfer from non T-pose  would allow much smoother results for this area. I also dream of being able to use it for the legs/ crotch area, as transfering while the legs are open would largely simplify things...

I tried  to convert the Belleza armature that is imported with the DAE, in blender 2.78 and avastar 2.2023,  either by :

 * using the automatic convert tool : This gives a bad looking armature in blender with wrong bones positions, and uploads are messed up - either by using collada's option "fix leaf bones" or not

* doing the job by hand just like I did in 1.72 -  ( delete the old armature, create a new avastar basic empty rig, set its  shape, etc etc ),Now the armature looks good in blender, and the garment seems to behave nicely but the uploaded meshes are wrong , with quite some offsets that make me think the breast / chest / belly bones are wrong inside blender

* opening my 1.72 version file in 2.0.23 and have Avastar update the rig - Again things look quite good inside blender, but once uploaded I get weird distortions.


So , my question is : What would be the correct method to convert a foreign kit in Avastar 2.0.23 ?  Specially given the A-pose rest pose. Is there a reason why a mesh created with avastar 1.72 uploads fine, and the same file updated to 2.0.23 uploads wrong ?

I can't really attach a blend file to a ticket in the blog support tool, as it would be against Belleza terms not to distribute their files, so I am posting the question here , with the hope to find some answers :)


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We are aware of this issue and we are working on a full bind pose support. It is just VERY tricky to get this done in Blender. It was planned to be ready 3 weeks ago, but we are getting closer:

Belleza and Manuel Bastioni both use A pose. We happen to have used Manuel's Rig for testing because we already have it integrated. But Belleza will work too as soon as we are done.

In fact i hope that we are now on our last mile to get this working as desired. Then the shoulder issues should be gone or at least be less of an issue.

Now you may ask when it will be ready... I can not tell, we are just hitting one oddity after the other and as long as we are not satisfied with the results it will not be released. All i can tell is: we are working on it and it will hopefully become awesome :matte-motes-sunglasses-1:


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Thank you for the prompt answer ! These are really good news for the coming future, and of great help for now, as I now know that I should focus on 1.72 and not spend time trying to have it working in the current state of 2.0.


Congratulations anyways on the amazing work done :) The tool is really helpful and friendly.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1479 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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