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Are You A Feral Wolf Looking For A Pack? (Wild West Realistic RP)

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We are one of the packs roleplaying at the WW roleplay sims. There are a total of 4 packs that we know of in the area so if you are a roleplayer there or want to start roleplaying there, our pack is not the only option ^,...,^. You can also be a lonewolf or start your own pack.

NOTICE: The reason we sai the "not the only option" part is that we dont want to feel like we are taking everyone from the rp into our pack so others cant have new members.

As for our pack, we have a cave in Colorado East sim and the sim is somewhat our territory that we protect, but dont attack those passing through unless they seem like a threat to us.
We have hunting grounds near our cave so access to food is relatively easy. We also have a separate training skybox for training in fighting, hunting and RP in general if someone happens to need it. The ranks in our pack are Omega, Delta, Gamma, Shaman, Seer, Beta and Alpha. Most new members will go to the position of Omega until we have seen how they do in the pack. The positions of Shaman and Seer are currently taken.

More info about the pack and our rank systems you can ask from one of us.We are open for members all the time. We have room for around 6 more members but might accept more if anyone wants to join. We want to keep the pack not going to 50 members since the Alpha and other higher rankers have a habit of buying gifts on christmas etc and we dont want to be poor Smiley Very Happy.

If you wish to join, contact our Seer: Saara Christenson (Online 90% of the time)

NOTICE! We accept all kinds of avatars except for magical ones, non-realistic colors or giant avatars. Most of our pack members sizes go (For TWI mesh avatar)

<-1 yr old = Normal size
2-> yr old = Biggest size

Thank you, see you soon I hope ^,...,^

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