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Free place to set your home landing spot and rez your boxes/build small objects

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We would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone who needs a home in sl.  Jubei's Ace Place is primarily home to Master Jubei and his girl Nehli (who is often on her alt named jinx).

Our home is open to all, we don't charge anyone to live here, though we can't allow you all to have your own house (as much as we would like to) we are able to allow you to set your home landing point.  We are also able to allow you to rez boxes, and build smaller items, and we have no return time.  We have only one rule... please remove your items before you leave the sim, this saves Nehli having to send them back :)

We like to change three times a year, Winter, Summer and Halloween with a total rebuild.  So please bear this in mind when visiting, as it will change totally at certain times of the year.

We an adult sim and adult content will be seen around the sim, including D/s.  We welcome all and are happy to help any newcomers with advice or technical issues.  We do not charge as we mainly enjoy meeting friends old and new alike.  Please say hi if you see us on the sim :)

So, if this appeals to you we look forward to meeting you.  Just click the link below or search Jubei's Ace Place inworld.

Link to Jubei's Ace Place

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