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Seeking human (Or seemingly human) Guards!

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The Baron and Captain of the Guard are seeking more brave men and women to help protect the Barony from the ruthless nonhumans! As well as to help conquer issues ranging from crime, patrols, and skirmishes into dungeons and catacombs to try and spread human territory.


Join Revenland group or ask an admin for more information about the sim or about becoming a guard!



More information about Revenland:

Revenland isn't the usual fantasy sim of all races uniting against the darker forces. Instead, humans have long banished nonhumans and magic. Fear of anything different has overcome them after King Argon. This isn't the typical good vs evil, as gray fills the story. Many humans vow to avenge those killed by nonhumans, while nonhumans face a similar fate. A vicious cycle of hatred ensuing. Though this does not mean the story is linear. The storyline is already shifting based on player's decisions. Now, some nonhumans can even register citizenship within the village. Though they have to face the cruel realty that citizens are so accepting. Most nonhumans still prefer either to disguise themselves as humans or to remain within the forest with others like them. Some seek peaceful lives while others revenge. 


Revenland is a long run RP story since AOL rp days in 2002, giving a deep backstory and lore.

Events range widely from faction based events to sim wide events. Humans are currently going on skirmishes to try and take back the catacombs from the undead. The Bandit King in the forest seems to have been growing a following as the waterfolk deal with a Sea Monster.

Unique races are allowed, though we do have certain rules for things such as shifting and magic to prevent anything OP

Multiple businesses, factions, and player groups are allowed.

Events: http://revenland.com/calendar/month.calendar/2016/09/30/-.html
LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brei%20vaukia/130/123/1049

The Welcome Hub has a Packet with lore info, rules, and more.

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