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Kate Amdahl

Ghouls and Gears: CDS Steampunk Halloween party Saturday from 1-3!

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Our little democracy is throwing a big steampunk Halloween party in the castle dungeon this Saturday, 10/29. Here's the announcement:


Time to get your punk on, as in Steampunk . . . as in the CDS “Ghouls and Gears” HALLOWEEN PARTY on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29. Put on your best Steampunk-themed costume (or any costume), push aside the cobwebs, sneer at the ghosts and goblins, and join your friends in the Schloss Neufreistadt dungeon for two hours of ghoulish merriment. Yes, the castle has a dungeon! But not just any old run-of-the-mill dungeon . . . one tricked out with the Steampunk mills, dirty engines, and grinding gears of a bygone era that never was!

And here is the best part: the entertainment!

1:00-2:00 pm SLT . . . DJ SQUISHY PAINE will spin tunes that will put steam into your Halloween!

2:00-3:00pm SLT . . . NAFTALI TOROK will perform folk melodies that will keep the dancing extreme!

Y’all come! All y’all! Bring friends, whether CDS residents or not.

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