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Second Life Viewer freezing up loading or saving stuff in "Outfit "Inventory

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Hello to everyone,

I rarely write with any complaint or problem, but after a long time of patience, it has been clear now that after 3 updates from Linden Lab the problem has not been fixed. Many years i have been on Second Life and never had any troubly with the original viewer, but since July  or August i think it started that loading outfits i have created or to save them into the Outfit list, it almost 95% of the time causes a crash / freeze up of the viewer. I work with an advanced computer also using NVIDIA GTX 960 on Windows 8.1 and never had troubles, untill the sudden update of the SL viewer. I believe personally that they have released a malfunctioning update but not sure how many other people have this issue... or what is the exact cause.

Other viewers do not have this issue.. so i think they have taken a wrong turn with those updates. 

Does anyone have this same experience and or have a solution for this issue.  

Thank you for your reply already in advance and kind regards !


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