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Whispering Hearts

Leather Aeon

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Whispering Hearts sim is open for business and slowly but surely growing.

This is a new sim set up for us, by we're not new to this! This venture aims to create a new community sim where EVERYONE feels welcome!

We're looking for the following: 


  • Daily/Weekly event DJ's  - 100% of tips, plus a payment per slot, to be discussed. Obviously most DJ's in SL have voice and use it, and most venues seem to prefer it. We understand that not everyone likes to use voice, as long as you can spin tunes, take requests and keep up with the chat by typing we don't mind whether you have it or not. 
  • Main Event Dj's - We also support FREE2LUV.org (and are listed on their website)  We've held quarterly events over the past 2 years that have raised over hundreds and hundreds of USD to support the cause - with ongoing donations being recieved via kiosks scattered around SL. Our Main event Dj'sdo need to have voice, and benefit from 100% tips, plus 25% of advert revenue. We promote SL buisnesses and Event sponsors between tracks.
  • Club Manager/Host - We're looking for someone who like a challenge and who can do what we usually would, get the club off the ground, find other staff, make the club a success and draw a crowd. We offer 100% of tips and accommodation on the sim (furnished with a prim allowance for home comforts,) 10% disount off store space if you create and sell in SL - the longer you're with us, the more discount you earn. You also get a chance to shape the future of the sim, we're very approachable and actively encourage ideas and suggestions and we'll make sure people know when something you've suggested comes into play. We're all about each fair play!


We will be looking for other people to fill other positions over time, so feel free to send us NC's with a bit of information about you, what you do, what you could bring to the team and we'll hold them and get in touch in the next phase of hiring.

Oh nearly forgot .... We're also looking for a clothing creator to work with us on some Whispering Hearts t-shirts (mesh and regular for those who haven't upgraded yet!) We used to have someone to do this for us, but sadly ill health has meant they can no longer do it. 

For those of you who want to come and have a look around, please follow the slurl below. 

There's a group joiner and raffle board at the landing point. (You don't pay to enter!) There's a pet store up and running in the form of Katskis, USC textures has arrived and is mid set up, Galleria Kakkuu is on site and fully loaded and there's a few other stores and stalls around! The club serves as a hang out during non event times and the tunes flow in the background - Welcome and enjoy! 

We'll hopefully hear from some of you soon :) 



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2598 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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