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100 things to do in SL needs more places and ideas

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Visit the Jungle

Complete the quest in the White Islands. 

Catch a fairy in a jar or complete the mini-quests(2) at one of the premium subdivisions.

Get a free sailboat and sail the Sea of Fables.

Visit one of the Arcadia Alley freebie sites, get a free bicycle, and explore the roads on the Mainland.

Take one of the Yavanna Podtours.

Catch a ride on one of the SLGI vehicles.

Go to a sandbox and see if you can build a house under 30 prims.

Get a classic body and play with the sliders.

Fly a plane.


Ice skate.

Get a free parachute and try jumping out at 3000 feet. 

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Become invisible

Ride a dragon

Become a member of a working virtual democracy

Explore a sim on horseback

Have a balloon race

Watch fireworks

Sail the Blake Sea

Dance with five people in an evening

Tour the Confederation of Democratic Simulators

Get stuck in a rainbow laser glitch (very difficult! Pictures of me and a friend accidentally doing it here: https://kateamdahl.wordpress.com/2016/08/07/an-evening-in-second-life-walking-riding-lasers-and-the-ocean/ )

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