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Hiring Greeters for our New store called ''Bellissima'' 


We need those who are experinced and know what they are doing...


• Experience

• Must 30 days old or older

• Friendly


 Please Contact JessicaSalvetore789 Resident or HellaSexy.Acosta Resident for a Application. Thank you and have a nice day!  :matte-motes-grin:



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I hope by "inviter" you don't mean people that go around to different places and 'invite' people to come to your store and possibly give out handouts.  FYI: That's spam and unsolicited spam is against the TOS.  Most sim owners will ban people that do that too if they get a complaint or they get caught at it even if the place is not a competitor or has anything to do with shopping.  So your employee could get both AR'd and banned from locations around SL.  You can't pay enough to make the risk to your employees worth it. 

They can put your store in their profile picks along with telling people in the pick to ask them for information and if asked tell the person asking about it and/or give them a handout. 

If you mean 'greeter' as in saying hi to people who enter your store and helping them find things or telling them about sales and specials, that's ok.

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