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Prokofy Neva

Homing device?

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I got this neet thing at a gacha fair called The Flying Creatures Squad by MadPea that is like a giant octopus/hot air balloon you can ride around in the sky. 

You can drive it yourself with passengers or you can unlock it and other people then can sit in it and navigate it.

But the creator warns you that you should be careful because someone might steal it this way by just flying away with it.

Well, of course to "steal it," they'd have to navigate your object to their own land and land it -- and not have autoreturn on. They'd have to be careful not to fall out of the sky as it would then return to my lost and found.

Somehow I think this is unlikely, but since I had to plow through 20 pulls to get this thing, I wish I could prevent it.

It's on mod so is there some kind of script I could put in it that would call back to me and show me on the map (or rather show my coordinates to what sim it is on) so I could come and grab it back?

Or some kind of "return to owner" that could happen if it sat idle on the ground somewhere.


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The simplest one, with the absolute least effort, could make it so each time if crossed a sim it spammed you with a message


key porKey = "02da98ac-3e2e-4e8f-bedc-d0e2a1c670b4";default{    changed(integer change)    {        if (change & CHANGED_REGION)         {            llInstantMessage(porKey, "My balloon is in : "+llGetRegionName());        }    }}


Pretty trivial as you see.

From there add in stuff like checking if you are seated and so on.


Dora Gustafson wrote:

If it is copy you could just rez another. That's what you usually do when copies are 'stolen' or lost somehow


Gatcha is rarely copy.

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Obviously it's no-copy or I wouldn't be asking this question. After 12 years in SL, I do know how to rez a second copy out of inventory. It's a gacha prize so it's single-copy.

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