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Looking for Fantasy RP Partners

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I've been playing in a Fantasy SIM called Conquest of Elysium and I love it so far! But I'd really like people to play a complex story with! It's something I crave, like reading just one more chapter of a good book that turns into finishing the whole thing. That's what RP is for me.

So I've got a couple things idea-d up!

1. My Father - Right now, he's an NPC. High Elf Blood Mage who has owned and worked his own farm for most of his many years (I own the rental right now that is that farm). Incredibly ill from the toll that Blood magic has taken on his body, I'm learning a new magic class to help him! I've got the ability to heal him now and would love to do so on a real character, not just an NPC! He is named, Temprar, as he's been mentioned in RP and is played as an NPC.

2. My Mother - Never knew her, only knew /of/ her. She's a Succubus who basically tricked my father into having sex and now here I am! When I was born she left me on the doorstep of mine and my fathers' farm with only a small necklace. She is unnamed. So anyone with that trickster personality who also likes to dabble in allure and seduction, this would perfect for you!! Currently, I am seeking her out but you are free to make, create and pursue your own stories until I do and after! I see her as having little interest in my character, or any of her children really unless she has a full-blooded demon child.

3. Siblings - It would be logical to me that there would be more half Succubus siblings around as my mother has always been a big trickster with her feminine wiles and demoness allure. So could be brothers or sisters, half-Succubus and half anything you wanted! I love a family aspect as my characters family is incredibly important to her.

4. A Magical Animal/Beast Companion - I have tons of ideas for this but I'd love to hear yours too! It could be a strictly animal that you play or Conquest of Elysium has a lot of races that have an animal transformation. The one that interests me most would be a dragon! You have two forms as a dragon, your true form (that of.... a dragon) and your human form. Or there are various lycan-type races or more! Let's talk about it! The /only/ thing that I am opposed to is a furry of any kind. So if your humanoid form has ears and a tail, I'm probably not going to go for it.

5. And lastly, a lover - I'd love to have an IC romance. I enjoy ERP and I enjoy the overall storyline that romances can bring on! Male or female welcome. This "relationship" is not required to be monogamous in any way shape or form. So you'd be welcome to pursue whatever you want with whoever you want, IC or OCC. I'm not seeking OOC anything at all.

That goes for all of these roles! Just because I'm asking you to come on board as part of /my/ story, does not mean I wouldn't be ok with you having your own. This isn't me asking for round the clock attention or all of it xD Create your own stories, have fun!

Contact me for more info!! <3

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