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Dancers ★ Escorts ★ Findoms ★ Babydolls

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FinDoMina In-World

FinDoMina is a highly detailed, rich and relaxing atmosphere. We offer you the finest ladies of SL for your entertainment and pleasure. If you're looking for a place to work where you can have fun, make money and be treated well, stop by and check us out!

We are currently hiring Dancers ★ Escorts ★ Findoms ★ Babydolls ★ DJs!

What we ask for:
★ 3+ hours a week
★ Ability to voice verify
★ A desire to work with us
★ We hire quality women. We are NOT exclusive! We DO hire managers and owners from other clubs to be escorts, findoms, or dancers.

What you get by working with us:
★ 85% of tips for our regular staff & 90% of tips for our exclusive girls
★ Awesome incentives and benefits such as Girl of the Month, Top Tipped Girl, and other fun stuff. Amazing bonuses such as free adboards, L$, free photos done by incredible photographers and more..
★An amazing team of people working with you

Contact alltaire resident in-world for more information and an application or stop by and check us out for yourself! 


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