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Problems logging in - "Requesting Region Capabilities"

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Hello! I'm fairly new to the SL world. I've been having quite a bit of touble logging into the viewer. It keeps saying "requesting region capapbilities" and tries three times then takes me back to log in. I know I have the password correct. I have Windows 10, AVG Security, and have allowed the viewer to communiate through the firewall. While at home, I had no trouble logging in, but It takes three tries and gives up whenever I'm on my dorm's wifi. How could I fix or get around this problem?

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Heart may be right. SL uses a lot of bandwidth. Some colleges block access to SL to reduce their bandwidth use.

Depending on how good their IT department is, there may or may ot be a way around it.

If you have a class that uses SL in their teaching, you may have to ask your Prof to have IT grant you access.

Otherwise, you'll have to find a way to connect to the Internet without using the collage's network.

You could use Google's Remote Desktop to connect to your home computer. Access it via the dorm network and have the home computer access SL via its commerical network. You'll have more lag, but it is very doable. With a good connection in both places it may not even be noticable...

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