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FinDoMina NOW HIRING! FinDoms, Babygirls, Dancers, Escort

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The Club is built around BDSM, Findom, and Femdom fetish. However FinDoMina brings you a mix of amazing women with different fetishes and kinks, from the strong, sexy woman pressing her heel into you and making you her **bleep**, to the sexy little vixen babygirls that will leave you satisfied and have you wanting to come back for more. We are fully geared towards making you feel good


★We run things a bit differently than most other clubs on SL
★ only require 3 hrs a week
★ We take only 15% out of your tip jars, Managers and Exclusive girls only 10%.
★ Adboards cost L$200 per week for Escorts/Findoms. Get 12 hours you get a free week.
★ We hire quality women. We are NOT exclusive! We DO hire managers and owners from other clubs to be escorts findoms, or dancers.
★FinDoMina is partnered with Oh Snap! photography studio, girls of FinDoMina get 20% off from Keera Laasonen and Alli Arkham [alltaire resident] and 10% from the other photographers.
★ We have girl of the month, you get a personal tag for the month, a free ad board for the month or a $1000L bonus.
★ If you are exclusive to FDM you get extra benefits. 10% tip jars, and special exclusive tags.

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