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Burn2 Da Vinci's Workshop - Call for Artists, performers and musicians of all types

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Preparations are well underway for this years Burn, with over 100 artists and builders already in place.
Now we call upon the artists that wish to show some small works. These would be displayed in various little places throughout the 4 sims,
We would also encourage any story tellers, singers, guitarists, dancers, DJ's or other types of performers to take part.
If any of this interests you, please continue reading.

Artists of all types are welcome builders, painters and photographers. We are an M rated event, and strictly non commercial as a regional of Burning Man. To learn more about us, you can look around on our website:
Burn2 inspiration
Ten principles

The theme for this years Burn is Da Vinci's Workshop, and while it would be great if artists work within the ideas that instils, art that reflects Burning Man or in fact anything that is within SL rules and ratings is still great.
If you play with prims and make great things, then we would love you to contribute something that fits within a 5m cube, and uses no more than 50LI. It needs to be passed to us to place, but it can be trans to pass back to you if you wish.
Painters and photographers, makers of 2D art, send us some of your work to display (up to 5). If you make them trans they can be returned, but it is asked that you make them mod or able to be resized for us to place.

All Artworks need to be given to us by midnight on the 14th of October at the absolute latest to be placed.

Performers and musical folk, we have a whole week for you to be part of. Poetry readers and story tellers come and share with our campers. Singers and guitarists, come before the mic and weave the magic that is music. DJ's play that beat that gets all dancing burning up the floor. Performers and dancers excite us with your moves as you take us on your journey.

There is an online schedule you can check for available times, with 3 areas to perform in (see the TAB at the bottom for correct one) Live stage (singers and guitarists), DJ stage, and Center Camp (Speakers, story tellers and also live performances).
google spreadsheets fpr performers

We welcome you all, become a part of the wonder that is Burn2
Burn2 Da Vinci's Workshop 15th to 23rd October 2016

Huntress Catteneo
Cuga Rajal (Live stage Lead)
Tracer Graves, Leondra Larsson, or Fifi <siouxsieincognita> (DJ stage)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2793 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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