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Hello everyone ! 

This is my first time in SL and i would like to get some directions !

I would like to get social and meet people but i dont really know how to do that !?

Are there famous places/destinations that people hang out ? Is there a search engine inside SL that can find places based on population ? Thank you!

p.s Flying at the moment :-D 

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Hi Faceless,

Yes, search is your friend! She's a lazy friend with limited skills, but she's mostly there when you need her, and ultimately she really does want to help.

Where to go to meet people depends on what you want to meet people for. If you want to just go be with some other folks and don't mind if there's not a lot of connection or conversation, there are plenty of dance clubs where you can go, and that would be the thing to search for. Use the drop-down to narrow your search down to places only. Some of these clubs may even have people at them who want to meet other people or have conversations. Others will mostly have people dancing and perhaps yelling things out from time to time (hello, great song, woo-hoo, that kind of thing) but not much in the way of actual connection.

If you have special interests that you want to share with people, search for groups using that same search feature. Some of the groups will be old and defunct, and there's no good way to tell, but often groups with a lot of people are active. Some of these groups have places connected with them, like churches or nude beaches or residential areas.

If you want to meet someone romantically in a PG context, try Frank's or Sweethearts Jazz, both of which tend to be about single avatars appearing and finding other single avatars. These are mostly for straight people, though there are some other destinations that work well for other sexualities.

If you just want to have sex, I suppose you know what to type into search for that!

For conversation or connecting with other people, try discussion events, or just teleport to a hub, like London Town, where there are always a lot of people milling around.

If you want to meet people serendipidously, go to one of the more popular "wander around" destinations like DaVinci Gardens or whatever's being touted by Linden Labs currently in the viewer. Browse around and see if you run into anyone interesting. If you want to stack the deck, use the button that looks like a dot inside several circles (on the Linden Labs viewer that you're probably on if you're new), which brings up a local map. Try to move your green dot closer to the other green dots you see, if any, since each one is a person. If you see a little green V or ^, that means the person is above or below your level.

I'm sure there are other ways, too, so hopefully other people will suggest those.

None of these methods are sure-fire, I'm sorry to say, but if you keep at it for a little while and do things you're genuinely interested in, you'll start running into interesting people and can build a list of friends you want to spend time with. Then, whenever you log on, you can just see if any of your friends are around (and available).

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1568 days.

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