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Aluviel Nakamura

Mesh Builder needed to upgrade prim items

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 I am Aluviel Aka Luvi. I have been in Sl since 07  and I have a very old shop known as Ling Lings and now Harajuka Girls on the MP. Its high time that I update or transition my products to mesh.  

One example is an old hair pin set that used to sell very well. Some of the feedback lately has been poor saying it looks like prims, not smooth etc..  since SL is now a rich complex graphics world, I Must Update in order to stay in the game. 

 Here is a link to a photo of the kinds of things I need to update. 



What I am looking for:

experience, effective, efficient and fast. 

Vast knowledge of rigged and non rigged Mesh and possible complications. 

Please list at least one professional Sl reference and a photo sample of your work. ( links to blogs where I cannot contact the person automatically disqualifies you)

I dont have time to come back here and keep re explaining how to conduct yourself for a job interview sorry. 

List Salary requirements.  Please list your salary requirement or prices.

Use the link to the hair pins as an example. How much would you charge to re create that? I believe some of those prims are actually sculpies, yet someone complained they looked to prim like. 


1.You need to be able to send a few words about yourself (where your from, time zone, etc)

2. how many years of experince you have and

3. give the NAME of the person you have done work for.

4. Take a look at the hair pins in the link above and tell me how much and how long it will take to re create this piece in mesh format. 


Email me Darque_Orchid@yahoo.com


Adomo Arigato

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