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1/2 Homestead Sci Fi Co Op looking for tenant/owners to help with tier and management


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This is not a business offer or oppertunity to make money we are not for profit, all contributions go to tier or to expand the sim - just nerds and geeks having fun blowing stuff up and combining our resources so no one person has a big bill. Please do NOT contact us about trying to turn us into a business you will be wasting your time and ours.


We are offering a special on rental units for a limited time --Rent 1 month get 2 weeks free --

 L$50 - L$400 per week


Because we want to populate the sim with tenant/owners/management and get more people involved. We have already doubled the size of the sim in just 6 weeks, if we can fill all of our units we can double it again (if all tenant /owners agree). No worries, we will not put ourselves in a situation where the tier is not covered and the sim goes away, we have 3 people that are willing to step up and make sure the tier is covered no matter what.

The sim is generic Sci Fi with interactive systems, featuring QI, Stellar Systems and SCS

3 space stations Huge, Medium and Quite Small and a land based colony. The land is Adult Region however we consider our group to be PG17 maybe light R but people may do in their private space whatever is allowed by LL TOS.


--Why should you rent here?

1. Because you are not just a tenant, you are part of a co-op and as such you are an owner.

2. You have administration abilities on the sim, no need to beg a land lord to remove things, ban / eject pests or change the radio, TV or video feed.

3. You have run of the entire sim (except private quarters).

4. Rather than sitting alone on a 512 sqm plot or an unpopulated sim you are the owner of something much bigger with real people to play with and the cost is lower than a 512 sqm plot. No campers no bots.

5. You have a say in the direction the sim goes and the ability to create your own role play if you wish.

6. You are the owner, well one of them anyway, and you have something you can be proud of.

7. Because we lack drama and general nonsense that goes with SL because we care about people here, have a vested interest and we want to build a solid community.

8. We have combined approximately $1600 USD invested in toys to play with, so you don't need to buy anything unless you want to.

9. There are things to do and keep you busy even if you should happen to be alone on the sim.


Stop by and have a look around, everyone is friendly and opened.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2714 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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