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Experienced Club Manager Looking for work!


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Experienced Club Manager looking for work, mostly in a music club or adult venue. I have a total of nearly 3 years of Management experience and 4 years worth of hosting experience. 

I am:


On Time






I can:

Work with other Managers to hire staff


Send out notices as needed to groups

Help deal with sponsors, if needed

Work with SHOUTcast boards to imput DJ information

Deal with griefers, spammers..etc in a quick and timely fashion

Settle issues quickly either between staff or between staff and people who come to the venue or club, without bias.

Listen for DJ music and mic quality

Male sure DJ's and Hosts are there on time.

If it is a escort club, make sure the floor is always staffed with escorts and/or dancers.

Can put my foot down in serious situations in order to end drama within club/venue, the be all end all.

Ban people if it gets serious and bad enough, as a last resort or if the situation absolutely calls for it.

Monitor general chat in club (voice chatting and text)


You can expect me to be:


Professional (leaving drama at the door, and also think rationally and logically)

Loyal (I put most of my time into the club I am Managing at, and I don't work at any other clubs at all, so I can put my time and attention towards one club.)


I can also:

- Voice Verify

- Cam Verify (If Needed)

- Emote well, with great detail

- Can Dance and Text Escort as well as Host and Manage.

Other than managing I am actually pretty laid back and love to have fun and have a good time, friendly, kind and love to make friends and make a good example for others. At past places I have worked at, I have earned respect of my peers and also respected others, no matter what.

 If you are interested in hiring me or speaking with me, IM me in-world, Display Name Astra Solo, Username Astrahlynn Resident. I am usually on a lot, but give me an hour or so if I dont respond right away and I will get back to you.

 P.S: I have all mesh.. mesh head, mesh body, mesh hands and feet. I also wear only mesh hair and mesh eyes... and most of my inventory is mesh clothing with very few appliers in my inventory.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2201 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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