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inventory organizer

Aislin Ceawlin

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I have seen and used several inventory organizers but the only one that actually works is to manage your folders.  Scripted items cannot help so no matter what you use you will be manually moving items between folders or dropping them into prims on your own anyway

The only thing that works for me is organizing with folders and sub folders and constantly fiddle with them.. Taking hair as an example since you mentioned it, I have a folder structure something like ...

Body Parts    Hair        ! ! Hair bases        ! Cute        ! Long        ! Medium        ! Pony Tail        ! Short        

! comes first when sorted alphabetically so in this tree, hair bases are on top.  I have Cute separate because I usually don't wear kawaii or girlie cute hair.  But sometimes I need something like that.  The rest should be obvious.  The point is to create folders that make sense to you.  If you want to arrange them in a specific order you could also start the folder names with a number.


!1 Hair bases
!2 Short
!3 Medium
!4 Long
!5 Pony tails
!6 Cute


If you have a lot, you can always add sub folders under these.
Body Parts >
!Long >
!Analog Dog,

No matter what system you try, you will be doing this on your own anyway.

If you would like more examples, advice or wild assumptions, ask over in the Your Avatar section of the forums.

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If you want to buy something... WAIT. The new Visual Outfits Browser was just released. That new feature will not be in any existing products. It will take some time for the creatives to build something using this new tech.

I am with Rhonda. I organize my inventory by item name and using folders.


            item name

      Street **bleep**

I started using year folders. It makes it easier to clean out old stuff.

I use an Outfit naming plan for outfits as there are no folders for outfits. 

!Dress Short - 2016 Slink Tan & Black 8.5k alpha

The ! sorts outfits ahead of the library outfits. Dress Short sorts my dresses together, year order, body order [sLink, Classic, etc.], Color (less important with images), ACI (Avatar Complexity), and whether I have to use alpha's on the body to avoid poke through.

You may not have realized Firestorm users can de-rez your mesh clothes... strip you. I can decide if I have to wear underclothes or go commando based on whether my body's private parts will show.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2198 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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